Yarrawa/Denman Tow Based Landing Clinic 28/29 Oct

Hi Pilots we have an early season opportunity to tow up and practice multiple launch/ landings over a two day period with formal 1 on 1 critique and technique improvement provided by CFI Tony Barton of Newcastle Airsports.
Getting this part of our amazing sport right makes for a much more enjoyable summer and the confidence you can tow/land well significantly improves your cross country potential.
• This immediate event is planned for Hang Gliders due to logistics.
• All paragliders that are interested in a similar course are encouraged to email their interest for a future event.
Brought to you by the local Clubs and your State Association, this is one of several events heavily subsidised financially by the NSWHPA due to a successful grant provision by the NSW Office of Sport for pilot development.
The subsidised cost is $60 per pilot for each day of instruction…$120 for two days. Payable in cash please on arrival.
No free flying opportunities are available on Friday and Saturday due to Landing Clinic operations.
Friday 28
• Repetitive Ground towing via scooter winch 500-1000ft
• 10.00 am towing start have your glider ready.
• Limited spots and partial ground tow training available for those without current endorsement. Formal endorsement must be completed at a later time at commercial rates.
• Minimum six pilots
• No aerotowing available Friday
• $60 per pilot full days instruction
Saturday 29
• Aero Tow and Ground Tow day operations.
• Aero tow pilots require current endorsement and tow equipment/bridle/hook knife
• Two tugs and dollies available
• 9.00 am towing start have your glider ready
• $60 per pilot full days instruction
• Aero tow operations
o Minimum eight pilots. Maximum 16 pilots
o Each pilot pays tuggies their own aerotow costs at A$15 under 2500ft/$20 over
• Ground Tows on demand – costs included.
Sunday – Free flying day. Aero tow only available for endorsed pilots.
Venue and accommodation
Three hours from Sydney and two from Gosford the site is a privately owned dual airstrip in Yarrawa in the upper Hunter valley that is flown by Newcastle Hang Gliding Club pilots regularly all year. Two airstrips are available and our highly experienced tug pilots Peter and Ian live on site at adjacent properties.
Yarrawa has significant cross country potential and pilots have flown back to the Coast from this airfield.
Our generous hosts Peter and Christine Marheine have agreed to permit camping at the property. Toilet and shower are available in the hanger. Please contribute $10 per night directly to the Marheines who provide the entire facility out of passion for the sport.
The town of Denman is 15 minutes drive with the usual small town amenities – yes pubs!
There is a great social scene at the airstrip hangar after flying …come and join in.
Next step
We need a minimum participant number to make this work and will impose a maximum number to ensure participants can conduct multiple landings. First in first serve for this subsidised event.
Please email your interest by 21 October to allow us to lock in numbers for tow kit, facilities, tugs and instructors.
• Name
• Confirmed financial member HGFA
• HGFA Number
• Club
• Contact number
• Emergency contact
• Attending Day 1 ground tow only landing clinic only Yes/No
• Attending Day2 aero and ground tow landing clinic only Yes/No
• Attending Day 1 and Day 2 aero and ground tow landing clinic Yes/No
• Paraglider interested in future event
Go/No Go
An email will be sent to all registered pilots on Wednesday 26 October with weather update and go/no go decision.
Any questions email or call John or alternatively contact Tony Barton direct on 0412607815.
Look forward to flying with you
John Harriott 0412442705/jharriott@bigpond.com
Central Coast Sky Surfers SSO/Newcastle Hang Gliding Club/NSWHPA