A group of us took a trip down to Corryong in the New Year, some to hone their cross country skills and some (like me) to try it out for the first time. We stayed at the Khancoban Lakeside Caravan Park, which proved useful, as we could swim in the lake after a hot day of flying.

Khancoban Lake

Our local swimming hole..

Our local swimming hole..

Mount Elliot, our launch, was just over the border in Victoria. It’s around 800 metres high, meaning I had already achieved my highest flight simply by lobbing off there.

Mount Elliott

Waiting for cycles of wind to breeze up the face wasn’t all bad, as Geoff can attest to!

Here I am setting up for a landing near the Khancoban airport. This was my first XC, and I’m happy to say I flew interstate, even if it was only 12kms 🙂

It wasn’t looking like I would make it, but luckily I got a thermal over a ploughed field and achieved another 200mtrs of lift – just enough to get there.

Some Swiss pilots leaving the hill.

A big thanks goes out to John Harriott for organising the trip. Our club regularly plans trips away, so keep an eye on this website or our Facebook page for details of upcoming trips.

Rowan in the wild. Or is that; Wild Rowan in the Wild?