Flying Sites

There are a number of excellent flying sites between Sydney and Newcastle, depending on prevailing weather and pilot skill level. If you are a current licensed SAFA pilot and would like information about these sites please contact a club Safety Officer. We can arrange a site briefing for you to help you enjoy safe flying, and to understand the special features and requirements of each site.


It is essential that ALL pilots understand the Club Rules to fly our sites as set out by National Parks as conditions for consent to fly. Click here to download our Consent to Fly (pdf 2.8mb)

Visiting Pilots


Restricted dates:
Wybung launch must not be used during January due to crowded conditions on the beach for landing.

Your cooperation and compliance with the rules will help ensure lasting access to our national parks sites for all pilots.

Crackneck Lookout

Safe to launch gliders from Crackneck during on shore winds ENE-ESE 7 to 15 knots.
Never launch Crackneck in a NE wind due to rotor from saddle below take-off.
Check Bureau of Meteorology observations first as westerly wind indication from this station will be inaccurate due to rotor from inland breezes.
DO NOT TOP LAND at this National Park launch site under any circumstances.
Seek site briefing before flying via

Forresters Beach (Cromarty Hill Lookout)

Cromarty Hill launch is flyable in southerly 7 to 12 knots paragliders only. Closed to Hang Gliders due to shallow, tree slot launch and terrain rotor from flora height. Rotor develops in SSE to SE conditions and is generally not launchable.
Seek site briefing before flying via


The only National Park and Council approved site for us to land is at the northeastern end of Forresters Beach.

  • When soaring any of Forresters Beach do not fly in close proximity
    to any of the houses – this includes the entire length of the beach from
    north to south.
  • If you are soaring then endeavour to move your location regularly so
    that you do not give individual residents the impression that you may be
    invading their privacy.
  • If you make the run down to the southern headland at Forresters be
    especially mindful that you will be lower there and closer to the houses.
    Refer items above.
  • Do not land in the grass strip in front of the southern headland
    except in an emergency. Plan ahead so this is not necessary please.
  • I suggest pilots minimise their time topping up height on this
    headland – either fly north and land on the north eastern end of Forresters
    or commit and fly further south on the way to Wamberal.