Why Join the CCSS?

Friendship and camaraderie:

We are a friendly bunch of people with a shared interest in recreational flying. Members in the club organise regular day, weekend and weeklong trips
away flying.


The CCSS is fortunate to have four instructors and many PG5 and advanced pilots in both Hang gliding and Paragliding amongst its members. The great majority of club members will give their time willingly to help you progress your skills.


Flying with pilots that know the local flying sites and keep an eye out for each other is always a good thing


The further we fly the longer the trip back. Being a club member and in contact with other members means you will almost always get a lift back to your car.


The CCSS is affiliated with the NSWHPA and SAFA and can represent you to
these organisation’s if needed.

Access to sites:

While all NSW sites are open to appropriately rated pilots there are a number
of sites that club members get access to and non-club members do not.


Club members have access to a shared winch and towing days

Porosity Meter:

Of particular interest to PG pilots the club has shared access to a porosity
meter that members can access for free.

Equipment Rentals:

The club has VHF radios that can be rented at $5 per day when pilots are
flying in airspace that requires them.

Help with equipment:

Members of the club can help with the setting up and sorting out of equipment including wings harnesses and reserves.

Financially supporting the club is very cheap and helps the club retain and develop local sites.


An opportunity to belong to and contribute to your flying community. It feels good
to give something back!

Regular meetings:

When you can get to know your fellow pilots, enjoy a meal and share flying

Paragliding Catherine Hill Bay
Paragliding Crackneck
learn to hang glide or paraglide australia